Thursday, June 27, 2013

To All the Hardworking Health Workers

Very recently, my spouse had to be admitted to the BHU in Zhemgang. She had to spend a couple of days there. I escorted her. From our few days’ stay in the BHU, I could realize few important points which we otherwise, often overlook.

The health workers in the BHU are sometimes obliged to work during odd hours so as to attend to the ailment of the patients. There is also a worker in the BHU to whom everybody addresses as ‘Ata’. He stays in the BHU premises twenty four seven.

I wonder how they could work so well even if it meant during odd hours or for almost all the time with beautiful smiles on their faces because it was almost impossible for me to stay awake even for few days, that too when my wife was ill!

I know it is not only in Zhemgang, rather health workers everywhere, both within Bhutan and abroad, work very hard. Therefore, I offer my heartfelt appreciation to all the dedicated health workers.

I wonder if the remuneration they get at the end of the month justifies the amount of hard work they put in. But more important than the remuneration, I feel is the kind of intention that you work with. The nature of your job is unquestionably noble. As such, please continue to work selflessly and accumulate merit for your whole lifetime!

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