Friday, March 11, 2011

Hard work begets Success

Most of the stereotypical people believe that success is the outcome of the luck alone. A bit more rationale group says that it is the combination of both hard work and luck. Conversely, I am of the view that success is directly proportionate to the amount of hard work invested in any endeavor that one ventures into and there is nothing to do with the so-called luck.

There is no luck in absence of hard work; it’s only the diligence that fosters good fortune. If one tends to rely exclusively on luck and do not prepare for the endeavors that we venture into, then, it’s no better than fighting a losing battle. If one works for around fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, there’s no doubt that he would be lucky. But on the other hand if a businessman locks up his shop for months and hopes his luck to bestow him with a lot of profits in his business, his wish cannot materialize no matter how long he waits.

Be it in terms of academic or co-curricular activities luck doesn’t have any hand in one’s success. Had it been otherwise, the trend would have been such that the brightest and hardworking people fail and the dullest yet the luckiest excel. Even in co-curricular activities if one solely provokes and venerates the local deities without having a rigorous practice, there is no way that one can excel in the activities that he partakes.

Moreover, even if we succeed because of our luck, it’s not a genuine success because that particular success is not the fruition of one’s own potential. It’s like a boy flinging stone up into the sky and coincidentally hitting a bird. We can’t just say that the boy has succeeded in killing the bird; it’s rather a coincidence.

If one puts cent percent in the work that he ventures into, he is bound to succeed. When preparation meets a due opportunity that’s where luck prevails. Therefore, I firmly reiterate that success is the dividend that we acquire as a result of the sweat that we shed during the times of our endeavor because more one sweat, the luckier he seems to become.

This was written as an assignment while at RIM and this is not my real view

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