Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Should You Compare???

“Don’t compare with others, it will bring sorrows into your life” was what my teachers always said while I was in the school. But I am of the view that comparison has to be perceived from different angles of the prism.

If you compare yourself with the elites and the best, your comparison would breed sorrow. On the other hand, if you compare yourself to the people who stand lower than you, you can derive comfort and let you get rid of the humiliation that you have to face. This shouldn’t be viewed as complacency, though.

When my friends humiliate me saying that I am a dark guy, I always think of the blacks dwelling in Africa other parts of the world and heave a sigh of relief. I tend to compare my skin tone to that of the blacks and feel that if there are billions of people fairer than me, there are equally billions who are darker as well.

Sometimes, when I can’t afford the latest gadgets and other stuffs that my friends buy, I feel very low and I grumble a lot about my economic deficiency. I mourn for not being bestowed upon the same amount of wealth as others. But when I browse the net and come across infinite destitute, homeless, and when I see topless beggars begging along the Jaigaon Street, I realize that I have got a lot indeed. I also tend to become conscious that the wealthiest people are not the ones who have the most; rather, they are the ones who need the least.

At times, I feel that nobody in this world know me and that; I am just an extra being in this world without any mandate as such. But when I think of my own small circle of friends and fans, I feel that I have a purpose for coming into this world. There are Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities with millions and billions of fans, but I am a star in my own way. I have few people who know that I am Sonam, which is more than enough for me. I also console myself by contemplating on billions of socially low standing people who do not have as much friends as I do.

In a nutshell, if you want to get rid of the woeful experiences that you are enduring, I am of the view that it is wise to compare and get yourselves relieved, rather than nagging about your shortcomings; if u compare judiciously, you can derive optimum merriment.


  1. CONGTRATS,dapen.....a motivating piece...

    yeah....i guess you are right....since i am one of those people who always grumble at shortcomings in different stages of my life...what to do i could never help myself....how poor of me na?

    yeah,compare whenever you feel low and unhappy......even if it doesn't guarantee you happiness,it would surely prevent you from sorrows......

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