Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Salvaging the Have Nots

Even as the people are looking for newer and fancier gadgets, there are other lot of people who have not equaled the same fate. There are people who go without food, clothes and shelter across the globe.

Narrowing down to the condition in Bhutan, our Monarchs have played a very vital role in alleviating poverty by way of granting different forms of Kidu and therefore, we can proudly say that the poverty in Bhutan is not as severe as the ones in the Third World Countries, befitting the title that Bhutan is tagged with- the country of Gross National Happiness.

Having said that, we cannot declare that poverty does not prevail in Bhutan. Poverty still exists because most of the poverty-stricken people dwell in the rural pockets of the country as they were either oblivious about the Kidu System or they did not know how to derive the benefit of the Kidu that our benevolent Monarchs have been tirelessly granting till date. 

Therefore, His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo, Jigme Khaesar Namgyel Wangchuck professionalized the Welfare System and focused on ‘Taking Kidu to the People’, keeping in mind that the most vulnerable and the deserving ones would not be able to come to the Capital to avail Kidu.

For that very purpose, His Majesty opened Regional Office of His Majesty's Kidu Support Centre whereby Zimpon Wogms and Their Royal Highness were appointed as His Majesty's Representatives in the Regional Offices. In order to take Kidu to the threshold of the people, His Majesty has now appointed Kidu Officers in all the Dzongkhags in order to profile on the various Kidu disciplines.

Road, electricity, technology and other modern amenities may make a community more comfortable and less arduous. But it would benefit only the people who can reap its benefits. Whereas, the poverty-stricken people will not be benefited as they do not have the capacity and the know-how to capitalize on the developmental activities. If those kinds of people are not rescued with proper care, it will take ages to get out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Thus, His Majesty's Kidu comes in handy to evacuate the poverty-stricken people to a realm of happiness, graduating them to a level, psychologically and economically at par with their fellow rural dwellers.

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