Sunday, December 23, 2012

Who are the Real Dashos?

While we may have a lot of nice bosses, I am sure that there are equally good or even more number of bosses who are inflated by the ego of the so called title of Dasho, which is used to actually butter up those who just have Patangs and colored Kabneys but are not actually Dashos.

Dasho is in fact a prestigious title that only His Majesty does confer (with a red scarf and a sword) to outstanding leaders and is similar to the knighthood conferred by the Queen of England. 

Few of our bosses are so used to it that they demand themselves to be called Dashos and the subordinates on the other hand also do not bother to give it a second thought despite heated debates on the issue broadcast at times on the national television. 

A lieutenant is called Dasho, an MP is called Dasho, a Rabjam is called Dasho, a Dzongda is called Dasho and while travelling to the remote pockets of the nation, even civil servants are also addressed as Dashos.

It is because, we are obsessed by the 'top-down' kind of bureaucracy that exists in Bhutan. If we do not address them as Dashos, we will hurt their sentiments and therefore, not get our work done or, will be blacklisted.

So, what do we do? Address everyone as Dashos in order to shield ourselves from the consequence that would result from not addressing them as Dashos? Or, value the honor that His Majesty confers? 

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