Friday, January 11, 2013

Thinking of Rendering a Helping Hand to My Parents, but...

We think of helping our parents after we land a job and hence take it as a license to solely depend on them during our schooling years. When they don’t give us enough money while resuming school after a vacation, we feel very low and think that they can't even spare a little more for us.

But now that I have landed a job and that I have to take care of my own expenditures, I realize the extent of the trouble that I and my four other siblings did impose onto the sole bread-earner of the family, my beloved dad.

Keep some amount in your wallet and don't be surprised if you don't find a penny left after a few days. Because, that’s the value of few thousands and we never know when it would leave us!

The need to spend for my own family only soars with time- there is no end to it.

What should I do then? Shall I save some part of my salary and give it to my parents after few months? Or shall I avail a loan and send it to my parents? But, will I be able to survive with the outstanding amount?

Perhaps, I might become financially stable and help my parents (both mine and my spouse's) with whatever little means I can afford.

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