Monday, February 4, 2013

Rethinking Marriage

On 20th March 2011, I wrote an article on marriage being a self-imprisonment. Now, on 5th February, 2013, as my marriage turns one year old, I have new reflections.

Earlier, I wrote that offspring tend to reciprocate the sacrifices made by their parents with callousness. But it differs from individual to individual. It is up to us whether to love or hate them. For me, I love my parents and siblings as much as I love my wife and my little son.

I viewed marriage as a trap then. But now, I feel it is a boon.

We stayed for few months as a friend and around 4 years as lovers before we married last year on this day. So, we know about each other, at least up to certain extent.

At this juncture, what I feel is that, marriage will work if we do not dig out the past, be faithful to one another, and understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

After marriage, I have become more responsible and with responsibility, I have attained certain maturity. Marriage is beautiful as of now and I will update as it gets older.                          

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