Monday, March 12, 2012

Questioning Our Patriotism

Every time I go to the theaters, I see a large portion of the viewers displaying very barbaric behavior. Howling and jeering no sooner than the lights are turned off, one can only imagine the height of our fellow Bhutanese’ conduct!

Prior to screening the actual movie, a minute-long video clip of our National Anthem is played. If you are a regular viewer of the Bhutanese movies, you are safe. But if you are planning to visit the movie theaters for the first time, here is a cautionary note- please do not be taken aback to see people disdainfully making mockery of our own National Anthem, while many would not even rise!

On one hand, while playing the National Anthem in the theaters would be very essential for quite a few of us to reiterate our gratitude towards our tsa-wa-sum, I seriously feel that it should be forgone because its very intention is defeated on the other hand.

Several times on the idiot box, I have seen people abroad rising and even breaking down upon hearing their National Anthem. But to our sheer disappointment, just the opposite is happening in the theaters. If we question every Bhutanese whether they were patriotic, there would not be even a single citizen who would say that he/she isn’t. But let us all be reminded that we should be patriotic, if at all we are, not only when there is someone eyeing us, but also when it is dark and no one can see us!

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