Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A letter to my Beloved Sister (Class XII)

24th May, 2012

Dear Cheychey,

May this letter find you in sound health! I am pleased to inform you that I am doing very well. I know you will be taken aback because this is the first letter that I am writing to you. Yet, this is the best opportunity to do so, I suppose.

This is just to remind you that you have reached a point where success will follow you like your shadow should you invest your hard work now and also, where failure will engulf you if you look for merriment at this instant. In other words, this year will somehow decide your future. 

I know your potential and our parents are expecting lots from you; I am also anticipating no lesser. I hope you won't let our hopes go down the drain. 

As you know, I suffered a lot in 2006 after graduating from Baylling HSS as the marks that I scored (in BHSEC) were way below the criteria set by the RUB for different training and study programmes both abroad and within Bhutan. As a result, I had to endure various nightmares. Why did that happen? The answer is simple; it is because I chose merrymaking over study!

So, the message is clear- it’s in your hands to choose either of the two. But please think whether you would like to enjoy for less than a year and suffer later or to make some small trivial sacrifices now and then reap its sweet yields for the whole lifetime!!!

Love You

(Ata Jamtsho)

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