Thursday, February 7, 2013

Listen if You May, I am Blowing My Own Trumpet

Ask any student in any part of Bhutan about what they desire to do after graduation and the answer, without any doubt, will be to serve the tsa-wa-sum. During my school days, I would also pronounce the same answer.

Today, I have graduated (even post-graduated) and I work as a Dzongkhag Kidu Officer. I get to work closely with the people, people who are in dire need of help. 

In just seven month’s time, I could meet hundreds of people, young and old alike and could listen to their pleas. After trekking for days on stretch, I could identify around 50 vulnerable individuals in Zhemgang and propose for Kidu to His Majesty the King. Hopefully, the proposals will be approved which translates to changing the lives of 50 individuals and their family!

If this is the pace in less than 7 months I can do a lot more in the next one and half years.

I may not get foreign travels (even the ones that I win as prize), I may not get frequent training and I may not have the comfort of living in the capital. But I definitely am  serving the tsa-wa-sum by working as a bridge between His Majesty and the People.

Furthermore, the enriching joy of having been able to add value to the lives of numerous marginalized lot of people is bound to remain as a perennial source of inspiration and self-esteem for ages!

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