Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reminiscing the Royal Audience

On 22nd January, 2013, His Majesty the King granted an audience to the twenty Dzongkhag Kidu Officers despite his hectic schedule. HM told us that he was even counting seconds as he was preparing for his trip to New Delhi the next day for the celebration of Republic Day. But he graciously spared more than 30 minutes of his precious time for us.

His Majesty explained us the reason why he was going as the Guest of Honor to India.

His Majesty cited several examples some of which he said deserved kidu and also that few of our Bhutanese were getting spoilt by the Kidu that His Majesty has been granting.

Amongst others, His Majesty focused on the following points:
  • PR: His Majesty told us that public relations was very important and to accord a high regard for that. 
  • Unpopularity: His Majesty told us not to be unpopular. His Majesty did not hear anything bad about us till date but in the event he comes to know about our unpopularity, he said that he would change us. HM highlighted that the public opinion was very important.
  • Information: His Majesty also told us to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the Dzongkhags and to feed him with the news.
  • 2013 Elections: His Majesty advised us not to associate with any of the parties. Rather, HM advised us to be alert and know what was going around.
His Majesty told us that he was very busy for the next two months; and that he would call all of us and orient us on every aspect of Kidu after two months.

His Majesty thanked us for the timely delivery of semsos and also for identifying the new lot of vulnerable individuals. HM told us that we were an important part of his work. His Majesty granted us a jacket each.

To have the highest authority saying, “You are an important part of my job” is not only inspirational, but also the most unforgettable remark a civil servant can ever think of being granted. I mean, what can be a greater remark?

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