Monday, May 6, 2013

Druk Superstar in Retrospection

Druk Superstar is a reality show founded by Kencho Wangdi, with noble objective of preserving and promoting our rich cultural heritage, the third pillar of our country’s Development Philosophy, Gross National Happiness, among others.

Out of every 5 Ngultrums or out of every vote one casts, 2 Ngultrums goes to the telecom companies (Tashi Cell and Bhutan Telecom) and Kencho Ongdi takes the rest. He also pays a lump sum of Nu. 11,50,000 to the BBS for letting him air his program live every weekends, which in other countries is otherwise.

There are various supporter beguiled by him to sponsor for his show and he shoots advertisements for various agencies, besides the share that he gets from the votes.

It is quite enriching to take part in such reality shows. I believe that I would have missed a lot of experiences had I chosen not to partake.

With his show and the likes, many aspiring Bhutanese singers have started picking interest in the traditional genre also. The show has also instilled love for the Bhutanese songs of all genre and all in all, the Bhutanese culture in many of the Bhutanese as it has incorporated Lozey and other traditional flavors into the Show.

It does not forget to entertain the youth; the show includes dance items and the contemporary Bhutanese songs known as Rigsar. So, in a nutshell, the show is a complete package, for the young and the elderly alike.

People are impatiently yearning for the next season of the show. May his show come up with more variety and amusements, this year too and save the Bhutanese, especially those devoid of recreational activities from boredom.

I am sure, Mr. Kencho Ongdi would also take various initiatives to meet global standards of such reality shows so that we gain audience both within and abroad, from both Bhutanese and others.

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  1. Almost every participants just act on the stage; NO body is wholeheartedly interested in our traditional songs!! and this reality show alone can't SAVE Bhutanese!!