Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exercise Your Adult Franchise Consciously

With all the campaigns planned to cease at 9:00am today, the Presidents of the four Political Parties, candidates and party workers should be getting their hard earned rest after a very arduous campaign period for the last few weeks. The voters, save for those who have already voted through postal ballot, can reflect over the manifestos, leadership, ideologies and other components of the political parties before they press the button on the poll day.

All the adult Bhutanese, except for the religious community and few disabled have a very precious gem each. We get to unanimously choose a government once only in five years. This is a unique and sacred opportunity granted by His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo and His Majesty the King. If we remain apathetic or choose the wrong party, then it will entail untoward consequences for the next five horrible years. Therefore, all the eligible voters should try every means to go to the polls and get our votes cast. 

Above all, we have invested so much and worked so hard to prepare for this election. If anything goes wrong on the poll day, all our investment and hard work will go down the drain. It is for this reason that we ensure a poll day free of all troubles. 

Voting is one thing and voting consciously is quite another! Have a happy reflection, debate with your conscience about which party can serve you the best and press the right button on the poll day.

Happy Voting!

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