Friday, May 31, 2013

Showing Off My Humble Photographic Skills

These are few photos that I snapped during one of my tours to the UK in 2012 on the sidelines of looking for disadvantaged and less privileged people.

Most of the people mistake UK for United Kingdom. While UK stands for United Kingdom, the UK that I mean is Upper Kheng. Upper Kheng comprises of four gewogs, namely Bardo, Nangkor, Shingkhar and Trong in Zhemgang.

So, don't think that the people, places and the flowers in UK looks similar to that of Bhutan. These are snapped at a place in our very own Bhutan- Digala, Bardo, Zhemgang. 

Also, next time, when your friends or acquaintances tell you that they are heading to the UK, confirm whether or not they are going to Upper Kheng and save yourself from getting fooled.


  1. Hey,

    You have taken some good shots. Keep shooting, I mean clicking whether in UK or in USA :)


  2. Thank you dude...I need to learn some skills from you!!!