Thursday, May 30, 2013

To All the Four Parties and Their Associates

The voters (perhaps, the fate too) would decide which of the two parties would go to the next round- General Round and it would be decided today. 

Even as I write this article, the Returning Officer of the Bardo-Trong Demkhong is briefing the Party Representatives about the Postal Ballots and have straightaway started to count the ballots- "Mangtso, Thrung Thrung, Chirwang, Khamshing", calls out the counting supervisors. He has also repeatedly instructed them to switch their mobile phones off but, their mobile phones are ringing time and again. Similarly, all across the polling stations around the country, the voters must be going to the polls to cast their precious votes.

We can imagine the magnitude of anxiety that the party workers, candidates, presidents and well-wishers of the four parties are going through at the moment. 

My advice to the four parties and their associates is to stay calm because there is no way that all the four parties can make it to the general round, two will have to try their luck in the next elections. You have given your best. While you may hope for the best, you should still not forget that you should also prepare for the worst. Be ready to accept the choice of the people with dignity!

When you have have sweated blood for the last couple of months, it would be difficult to accept defeat. But this is not the last of elections- there are lot more to come. Your failure this time would mean you should work harder next time and prove to the enfranchised citizens that you are capable of serving them.

Also, the voters who have braved the harsh weather, rugged terrain and those who have spent so much would get disappointed if the party of their choice fails to win. But that should not matter much because you have done the best you could; this is how democracy works- majority wins.

Best Wishes, May the Best Party win!!!

*NB: I posted this article at 09:15 am on 31st May, but it seems there is a problem with the system- It shows that I have posted it yesterday!

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